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As a company, can I be part of a treasure hunt/puzzle route?
Tips about the destination are included in the route. Companies can also be brought to the attention of the participants in this way. Interested? Then send an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Can a route for our destination also be developed?
That's certainly possible. Please let us know your interest via This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and we will contact you to discuss the possibilities.

Are the routes also suitable for educational purposes??
The routes are very educational and therefore also interesting for the education of students in the last years of primary education, VMBO, HAVO and VWO.


The length of the route varies per destination. On average, a route is about 3 to 4 kilometers long. Together with the research time, solving the assignments and taking in the background information, you will spend more than two hours working on a route. Of course depending on your pace.
Yes, that is possible. You can determine the number of players you run the route with.
No, that is not necessary. You do not need to register or make a reservation for our routes. Simply download the app, go to the starting point of the route and start. Everything else is self-explanatory.
Certainly. The person who purchased the route on his phone acts as a game leader and can share the relevant directions with the other players. Of course you can also purchase multiple routes and split up the group.
The great thing about the City Sherlocks routes is that you can decide at what time you want to start a route.
No, follow the directions in the app and the route will show itself.
No, follow the directions in the app and the route will show itself.
Every day of the week and also on public holidays.
This varies per destination, the route and the size of the festivity. If there are festivities/events that mean streets are closed or busy, our advice is to walk the route at a different time.
Sure! By walking the route you will discover your familiar destination in a completely different way. The route certainly leads to places and interesting facts about the destination that are unknown to you.
The routes can be walked at any time of the year.
Yes, that's possible. You must start the route at the indicated starting point.
No, you walk the route at your own pace. The challenge lies in finding the route/directions and solving the various assignments.
You have to find the route using directions. During the route you will receive searches, knowledge questions, photo assignments and/or calculation questions. At the end of the route, the final assignments of the destination must be solved using the clues and hints obtained.
Of course. The route has something for everyone. Young children can help with route finding and searches. Some of the knowledge and arithmetic questions are also suitable for children and can of course always be solved as a team. The background information shared in the route is interesting for young and old.
Yes, all routes are accessible for wheelchairs and/or mobility scooters.
Yes, this is necessary. That is why a centrally located, easily accessible starting point was chosen.
Yes, that's possible. You can determine the starting time yourself. When choosing the starting time, keep in mind that some clues will be harder to find in the dark.
The routes always cross the (old) center of a destination and take you past the highlights and unique features. Background information is also included in the route. This way you can find out more about the destination while exploring and discover the nicest places.
A sufficiently charged smartphone is sufficient. See also the answers to the frequently asked questions under the heading technology.
No. Every destination and route is unique. The search clues and assignments differ per route. The challenge is always to find the right route based on the directions.Naturally, the background information included in the route also differs per destination.

On the way/during the route

Yes, that is possible, but do not close the route. A route once closed cannot be restarted.
No, even if you cannot solve an assignment, you can continue. It is always possible to play and solve the final assignment.
While playing, route errors can be reported directly to City Sherlocks in the app itself (at the bottom of each screen).

Technology and payment

Download and open the City Sherlocks app, select the desired route and choose “buy complete route”. You will then automatically be redirected to the payment method you have set in the Google Play Store or the App Store and you can pay by telephone. If you have not yet set this up, see for Apple: ( and for Google: ({/ slider}

{slider=Can I get an invoice? }This is possible at the Google Play Store or the App Store because that is where the route is purchased and paid for.

Then the app is probably not up to date. Go to the App Store or Google Play Store to update the City Sherlocks app. You can also set the app to be updated automatically in the stores.
No, not constantly. Make sure to download the available routes in the beginning. After you choose the search route, the route and the assignments are downloaded. Of course, an internet connection is also required when purchasing the route.
No, the app is only playable on the smartphone.
The app works on all smartphones with Android or iOS (Apple). On Apple phones with iOS 14 and higher (from iPhone 7). For Android devices from Android 5 and higher.

Our Scavenger hunt App

No hassle with logging in and printing

Simply open the App, choose a route and go. Open the City Sherlocks app, select the desired route and choose to buy the complete route. You will then automatically be redirected to Google Pay or Apple and can pay by telephone. The person who makes the payment receives the route on the phone. The route adventure is played on that phone.