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Dokkum, and the mystery of the Granaet & the riddle of the B's
Discover what Dokkum has with the letter B>

Also curious about what Dokkum has to do with the letter B? Then join us on a route through this 'smûke' well-preserved historic city in the north of Friesland. Find the B's by following the clues and solving the puzzles/assignments. Stroll along the canals, over the fortifications and through the charming shopping streets in search of clues to solve the riddle of the B's and the mystery of the Granaet.


3,5 km | ± 2 hour

Starting point:
Museum Dokkum/TIP (Diepswal 27)

Public transport advice:
train Bus station Dokkum

Our Scavenger hunt App

No hassle with logging in and printing

Simply open the App, choose a route and go. Open the City Sherlocks app, select the desired route and choose to buy the complete route. You will then automatically be redirected to Google Pay or Apple and can pay by telephone. The person who makes the payment receives the route on the phone. The route adventure is played on that phone.